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Physical surveillance of assets,
people or vehicles


In private, family or
corporate cases

Surveillance Systems

Cameras, drones, tracking devices and the Voodoo surveillance platform

With more than 18 years of experience in the private sector,
SSG is your trusted go-to specialist when it comes to surveillance.


We pride ourselves in achieving the best results for our clients. Our business group was established in 2000 and has developed a vast network of very senior licensed investigators, surveillance operatives, technical experts and legal advisors.

Our clients come from some of the best legal firms and senior counsel barristers in Australia. We also provide corrective strategies for the media, semi-government organisations, liquor & gaming industries, large and small business as well as individuals, all with the utmost empathy and confidentiality.

We never advertise for investigators or operatives, high caliber professionally trained former Police and Military personnel want to work for SSG. They all enjoy the professionalism and trust that has been developed over the past 18 years. Our planning and teamwork allows us to complete multi-level operations and investigations.


Physical Surveillance

We had a worker who refused to come to work after claiming an injury after 2 days’ employment. Our insurance company was reluctant to do anything. We engaged SSG to have a look at this person and ascertain if he was actually injured. The surveillance revealed, he was out visiting mates all day, and driving a rental vehicle for a person, who met other people in back lanes and spent time in other person’s cars. They then ran a delivery service to numerous homes and business locations throughout Sydney. The Claim was dismissed and the Police were supplied the extensive Surveillance Report.

We continue to use SSG for all our matters.

Bill. GM

Corporate Fraud / Breach of Contract

I had a successful business for about 10 years, when the profits began to dwindle. I suspected my business partner, new cars, watches and overseas holiday, but I knew he couldn’t afford it. I had an in depth meeting with SSG, and within days, they had discovered a 3G listening device in my office, and our Client data base had been copied after hours and transferred to an unknown email address. My business partner was put under surveillance, and they soon discovered he was visiting clients that were not ours. Further investigations discovered he was operating his own company in competition to mine. The matter is now before the courts.

Dane, Company Director


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