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Who are we?

SSG is managed by a 30-year industry expert with extensive private sector experience and vast network contacts, and a specialist background in both the Police and Military. Delivery of highly trained professionals with exemplary government backgrounds, generating quality outcomes for the gathering of your corporate intelligence, evidence or just peace of mind are at the forefront at SSG.

Our proven services, specialist tactics and operatives are often requested by global security companies and other investigative businesses.

How We Do It?

Developing a cost-effective surveillance campaign for your business or corporation requires partnering with highly-experienced professionals utilising the latest sophisticated technology.

After discussing your needs, we put together a plan that tailors perfectly to your specific situation. We understand that no two problems are ever the same and that’s why you won’t get a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach with us. Our team of investigators and operatives then carry out the surveillance and report back to you with their findings. Head over to our services to find out more about the range of SSG technologies available to you.

We pride ourselves in achieving the best results for our clients.

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