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SSG offers to investigate private, family and spousal issues as well as any corporate related matters. We also provide investigative services for legal counsel and assist in corporate, industrial, criminal and family law matters.

No matter what you need to know, our highly trained and skilled investigators will find you the answers you require.


Private, Corporate, Spousal Issues


Corporate Fraud


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Financial Debt Absconders


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Investigative Services for Legal Counsel


Corporate Fraud / Breach of Contract

I had a successful business for about 10 years, when the profits began to dwindle. I suspected my business partner, new cars, watches and overseas holiday, but I knew he couldn’t afford it. I had an in depth meeting with SSG, and within days, they had discovered a 3G listening device in my office, and our Client data base had been copied after hours and transferred to an unknown email address. My business partner was put under surveillance, and they soon discovered he was visiting clients that were not ours. Further investigations discovered he was operating his own company in competition to mine. The matter is now before the courts.

Dane, Company Director

Financial Debt Absconders

A financial services business we were appointed to administrate had lost many, many millions of dollars. The director had applied for bankruptcy, lost his house, cars, wife and children in a separation as a result of the loss. The director had to return to live with his parents. Suspicious of the amount of loss and the reluctance of the director to cooperate, we instructed Specialist Surveillance Group to commence investigations and surveillance.

SSG provided critical evidence to the contrary. The matter is now before the courts.

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