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As company directors we were mindful of our duty of care, responsibilities, and need to monitor activities on our remote breeding stud, ensuring a safe environment for staff whilst protecting the welfare of their animals. Overall security and protecting company assets was also a requirement.

SSG’s Voodoo system was deployed on the property allowing us to monitor a number of integrated systems. A wireless remote video alarm system was installed providing back to base detection for security and management of assets. Pan tilt zoom cameras were installed across the property allowing real-time live viewing of farm operations from our head office in Sydney, as well as through the iPhone/Android smartphone app from anywhere in the world.

Due to the remoteness of the property SSG’s technical division advised the implementation of solar power systems and high gain 3G data systems to ensure uninterrupted power and data coverage for all installed systems including remote activation bush fire sprinkler protection. Night time illuminators were also installed to provide 24-hour video vision.
We have been very impressed with the capability of Voodoo, the quality and versatility of the video pictures received from the property have exceeded our expectations. We can now view the main areas of the property quickly and identify areas requiring attention reducing many man hours of physical onsite checks.

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