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SSG offers physical surveillance and monitoring of assets, people or vehicles. Surveillance campaigns can either be carried out in or on homes, commercial buildings or rural properties. Electronic surveillance is executed using modern digital technologies such as Covert Camera Systems and remote-controlled technology including aerial drones.

If you’re looking to protect your team or are under the impression that you have a stalker, SSG also offers counter surveillance operations.

All of our operations are highly confidential – you depend on it and we guarantee it!


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Physical Surveillance

We had a worker who refused to come to work after claiming an injury after 2 days’ employment. Our insurance company was reluctant to do anything. We engaged SSG to have a look at this person and ascertain if he was actually injured. The surveillance revealed, he was out visiting mates all day, and driving a rental vehicle for a person, who met other people in back lanes and spent time in other person’s cars. They then ran a delivery service to numerous homes and business locations throughout Sydney. The Claim was dismissed and the Police were supplied the extensive Surveillance Report.

We continue to use SSG for all our matters.

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